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10 Salon & Spa

Wild Orchid Aerial Fitness & Dance

10 Salon & Spa
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Downtown Living

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The Gateway - NEW AUG 2015

Tenth & College Village

Tenth & College

Tenth & College Horizons

Morton Mansions

Morton Grad

Studio 531

Big Red Apartments

Oddfellows Apartments

Indiana University Campus Apartments

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East Bay I Apartments

East Bay II Apartments

Woodstone Apartments

Cedarview Apartments

The Grove Apartments

Barneys Place Apartments

Beechwood Manor I Apartments

Beechwood Manor II Apartments

Greystone Apartments

Indiana University Campus Houses

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632 N. College - Avail Jan 2015

Red Barn

Red Barn Annex

Stone Mansion

The Lincoln House

Luckys Landing House

Haven on Hunter House

Green Acres House

Haneys Place House

Stones Throw House

Alexa I House

Alexa II House

The Tailgate House


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Tenth and College Retail

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